04/07/2008 - SoS Confirmed for Bloodstock Open-Air 2008

UK prog-metallers Son of Science have been confirmed for the unsigned stage at 2008's Bloodstock Open-Air festival. The UK's premier metal festival is to be held at Catton Hall, Derby, on 15th-17th August. The exact date Son of Science are playing is to be confirmed.

07/11/2007 - Tickets

Son of Science are main support for groove-laden metallers Orange Goblin at the C2 this month (details on Live page), and they've been given some tickets to sell at knock down prices!

The boys will be performing a 45 minute set and playing material from their debut EP, which will be available at the show.
If you would like cheap tickets (just 6) for this show then send an email to adrian@sonofscience.com and we'll sort you out.
I'll have to confirm this with Adrian, but anyone purchasing a ticket from him should get a free copy of the EP!

07/11/2007 - EP Updates

Son of Science have finished recording material for their debut EP. The band are now sorting out artwork and some final mixing.
The EP features 4 rather than the planned 5 tracks:

  1. Age of Destruction
  2. Sound of Me
  3. Jericho
  4. Forever In A Day

I spoke to Lee C about the recording. "Recording and producing this EP was a learning curve for me, and though we're all pleased with the results, I'm looking forward to building on the skills I gained and applying them to the next one".
I asked him if the 5th song left off this EP would surface anytime soon, and he had this to say: "I've actually been writing lots of material since finishing this EP. 2 tracks are finished, and I have a few others in various stages. This mysterious "5th song" will probably be available as a download at first, but I'd like to bundle it with new tracks we have and put it on the next recording we make".
More news soon!


12/09/2007 - Gig Cancellation

As you may or may not have read on our Myspace page, Rob has suffered an injury which has made it impossible for him and the band to play at the Underworld on the 15th of this month. We're really sorry for this, as not only does it let you guys down, but also it was a show we were greatly looking forward to.
We did try to find a way to perform this gig still, but there's just no way we could have gone ahead and put on the kind of show we wanted to.
The only consolation we can ofer is that we'll be rescheduling a date for London very soon.
The EP is almost finished, just some mixing to do (see the Myspace page for a full song preview, and the forum members get an extra clip) and we'll have new tracks and a CD available. We'll be booking shows immediately after that.

Sorry again, guys. On behalf of the whole band, I want to apologise for this. Hope this doesn't disappoint too many of you.


04/06/2007 - Live Video

We've got some live footage from the recent Underworld gig. It's available on Youtube here and also on our Myspace page.
The video can also be watched on the Downloads page
Thanks to Leah Holder for filming it for us :)

04/06/2007 - Jake Steps Down

After playing a phenomenal set with us at the ProgPower show Jake and the rest of the band have decided to part ways. Previously we'd thought the band needed a second guitar, but with the keyboards now becoming so much more prominent, it was felt that the music just didn't need a second guitar, and to underutilise a guitarist of Jake's calibre (check out his myspace page for clips of his awesome playing) just doesn't make sense. A very fond farewell to Jake, a great guy and amazing musician.
We hope you'll join us in wishing him all the best.

04/06/2007 - Adrian Endorses Ibanez Prestige Basses

Son of Science bassist Adrian Lambert officially endorses Ibanez Soundgear basses. At their recent London Underworld show on 28/05/2007 Adrian used live for the first time his new Ibanez SR1006EFM Prestige 6-string bass.

Adrian said, "I've used Ibanez Soundgear basses for over a decade now and have always found invaluable the versatility that the onboard eq gives you for adjusting your sound onstage, as well as the speed of the slim necks. The Soundgear Prestige range takes these features to a whole new level. The thru-neck makes the notes sustain for what seems like forever! I've never sounded so good and I'd like to thank Ibanez for allowing me to endorse these great basses."

04/06/2007 - 2 Shows Booked

We've got two shows booked for after we've recorded this summer. First up, we will be supporting UK prog-metallers Awake at their Camden Underworld show on the 15th of September. Then in November we will be playing with Orange Goblin at the Brighton Concorde 2. Tickets are already available, click here to order.

As mentioned, we're going to record a small EP instead of demoing everything, as it's about time we had some decent recordings. The tracklist isn't finalised, but it's looking like a 3 track CD with no instrumentals (!!) and at least 2 new songs.

21/04/2007 - SoS At The Camden Underworld

Son of Science are confirmed as the opening act for To-Mera's show at The Underworld, Camden - London on 28th May 2007. Also on the bill are Octavia and Adastreia. Tickets available from Ticketweb

08/04/2007 - Cancelled Gig

Due to problems beyond our control, we've had to pull out of the Bar Monsta 01/05/07 show. We're sorry for anyone who was planning to make it to that gig. We were really looking forward to playing in London.
But the promoters are going to organise a replacement show for another date in the very near future, so we'll be taking the prog to Camden very soon!

31/03/2007 - New Line-up

Things have changed drastically in the SoS line-up. Greg has decided to leave the band to focus on his own material. We have enormous respect for Greg as a musician and we wish him all the best with it. We're good friends so we'll keep in close contact.

Stepping in to the vocalist slot is Leon Muria, who blew us away with his incredible range, control and approach to progressive music.
With just one week in the job Leon dominated the stage at PPUK's pre-show party last weekend and impressed the hell out of everyone in the band and audience!



We've also found a replacement keyboard player in the form of Phil Wickens.
Phil is an old friend of mine and Ade's from a band we used to play in. Knowing what an incredible player he is, we'd often spoken about asking him to join the band and finally got around to it, and he said yes!
With just 3 rehearsals Phil was sharing the PPUK stage with us and nailed everything!



Last but by no means least, we've also found a permanent guitarist! Jake Willson auditioned with us at the same time as Phil, 2 weeks ago, and after just 3 rehearsals played live with us. Jake's a fantastic player and is into lots of great prog and fusion. He'll be bringing a lot more shred to our songs.




So, here's the new Son of Science!

Look forward to seeing you all at some shows!

- Lee

02/02/2007 - New Track

We've added our latest song, The Path, to the download page and to our myspace page.
For now, the version on the media page is 128kbps but I'll soon switch it for a 160kbps version so you don't have to put up with that nasty tinny sound.
The track will be featured on the ProgPower UK festival cd which will be available at the festival. There's also another treat on there for those who make it ;)
Check it out!

17/01/2007 - New Year, New Shows

First off, happy new year to all you science freaks! We received a really cool response last year and 2007 looks like it's shaping up to be The year!
We have a truckload of offers and stuff pouring in and we'll be announcing a lot of shows over the next few weeks. To kick off, here's a quick two that've been planned:

First up is a gig at Bar Monsta in Camden on the 1st of May. We're still awaiting details, but it'll be a headline show.

Secondly, it's a long way off, but the Concorde 2 have asked us to be main support for Orange Goblin when they hit Brighton in November.
More details on both of these shows as soon as we get them. But stay tuned for more info.

21/12/2006 - SoS Street Team!

Good friend of the band Leah Holder has set up a Myspace page for the Son of Science Street Team. Members of the team will get discounts on merch, tickets and other goodies.

Check out the page and add yourself at http://www.myspace.com/sonofsciencestreetteam.

21/12/2006 - SoS Confirm Headline Show, Brighton

SoS have confirmed a headline show on 27th January 2007 @ Pressure Point, Brighton

13/12/2006 - Son of Science Invade Juice FM 107.2

Son of Science will be performing a short acoustic set on Brighton's Juice FM on Tuesday 19th December between 10pm and midnight. There will also be an interview with the band discussing their Concorde2 show with Skindred the following night and all things metal. To listen on the internet click here.

30/11/2006 - New Guitarist, New Song

Son of Science has recruited Tom Maclean of dark-prog metallers TO-MERA as a stand-in guitarist for their upcoming shows.
Adrian says, "TO-MERA remains Tom's main project but the fact he's helping us out means we have more time to recruit a permanent guitarist who we're 100% happy with. Tom's an incredible player and he'll be bringing a ton of extra shred to our live show."
Anyone interested in auditioning for the second-guitarist spot should email guitarist@sonofscience.com for more info.

In other news, Son of Science has made available for streaming its cover of the Backstreet Boys 2005 hit single "Incomplete" on the SoS Myspace page.
This mix is unfinished and some parts are missing, and the solo is not final.

06/11/2006 - SoS Open For Skindred, Brighton

Son of Science have been confirmed as the opening act for UK ragga-metallers Skindred's Brighton show on December 20th 2006 at the Concorde 2. This is the bands debut UK show \m/
Tickets are available online from Ticket Web.

04/11/2006 - Guitarist Wanted

Son of Science are seeking a second guitarist. The role will mainly be rhythm playing but there are harmony solos which require good lead ability. You'll need to be able to rehearse frequently in Brighton and have your own pro gear. Apply to guitarist@sonofscience.com

04/11/2006 - Audiostreet Page Added

Son of Science now have a page up on Audiostreet.net.
From that site you can stream high-quality versions of the tracks, download high-quality mp3's, leave reviews, comments, link to us, and all that good stuff.

18/9/2006 - SoS Confirmed ProgPower UK 2007 Pre-Show

Son of Science are confirmed for the Prog Power UK pre-show party on 30th March 2007 @ The Hub, Cheltenham. They will be playing a 45 minute set. The band are also currently booking other shows for late 2006 and 2007 www.progpoweruk.com/

18/9/2006 - Track Updated

We've finally come up with a name for the instrumental. It's called E.M.P and can now be found with a new bass solo added on the downloads page!
We've put it up at 160k to match the other tracks, so now you can hear it in decent quality.

We have added the song to our myspace page, but for some reason it just won't play. It's been uploaded several times at various bitrates, but no joy.
So for now, you'll have to download it :p

18/9/2006 - New Track Available

The band have put out a new song. This one is the band's instrumental, which they're still working on a title for. For now, until the guys send me a high quality version of the track, I've put the track up as 128kbps, but they'll b sending me a 160 version as soon as they get time.
Don't forget to leave your thoughts on the material if you like it, it's encouraging for the band and makes 'em work faster ;)

25/8/2006 - Update

Recording punches on for the boys. They're busy finishing off 3 more tracks. The instrumental is almost complete and will be online either this weekend or next at the latest. Only a few keyboard parts and guitar solos to go down.
The band have also laid down some scratch versions of My Dealer and a cover track for Greg to work on his vocal ideas. They'll be recording proper versions this weekend.
The cover won't be a typical metal band's choice, so expect something "different".

If you want to be kept up to date on when the new tracks will be made available for download, subscribe to the mailing list. Subscribers get access to the songs first.

13/8/2006 - Two New Songs Available
Son of Science have uploaded demo versions of two songs, "Sound of Me" and "Not the End" which you can download from the downloads page for high quality versions or from our MySpace page. Enjoy
13/8/2006 - New Website Launched
We hope you like the new look website which was designed by Son of Science' very own Lee Cassidy. Close friend of the band Ivan Streaky will be running the site with Lee. Join the Science Forum for friendly discussion of all things metal. The band logo and symbols were designed by Brazilian graphic designer Renato Faccini. Band photography is by Sarah Bennett of Arachnid Designs. Enjoy
13/8/2006 - Gareth Piper Departs Son of Science
Guitarist Gareth Piper is no longer working with Son of Science. Although he auditioned well it quickly became clear that Gareth didn't have the time required for the band amidst his very busy academic and work schedule. Son of Science wish Gareth all the best in the future.
21/05/2006 -Interview with Adrian

Japanese DragonForce fansite Once in a Lifetime has posted a new interview with former DragonForce and current SoS bassist Adrian "Danger" Lambert. We've also posted the interview text here.

30/03/2006 -Sample of Instrumental

We've put up a short sample of another track. For the moment we'll have to use a short section from the instrumental, Theorists Of The New Paradigm, as none of the vocals are recorded properly yet.

The quality is very basic, the clips we've used so far are taken from demos of the songs, so everything is rough, and various instruments and parts are missing from sections. Please be gentle with 'em.

The new clip can be downloaded here.

26/03/2006 -Son of Science Announce Vocalist and 2nd Guitarist

It is with great pride that Son of Science can reveal two additions to the band's ranks.

Greg Pope, previously a solo artist, has filled the vocalist position bringing a great combination of melodic and aggressive vocals to the band. SoS bassist and mainman Adrian Lambert said, "Greg performs the songs exactly the way I imagined they should be when I started work on the SoS project back when I was supporting Iron Maiden on their European 'Early Days' Tour last year. He has power, melody, showmanship and a great understanding of harmony - everything we need to front this collective of musical titans."

Also, guitarist Gareth Piper has stepped in to replace temporary axeman Johnny Sinister. Adrian said, "Gareth turned up to the audition having had 2 days to learn 3 songs. He nailed every one of them with the casual impertinence you expect of a great guitarist." Gareth is a student of music at ACM.

Son of Science Line-up -

Greg Pope - Vocals
Adrian Lambert (ex-DragonForce, ex-Intense) - Bass, Samples
Lee Cassidy (ex-The Clan Destined) - Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Samples
Rob Hicks (FourWayKill) - Drums
Jasper Welzel (Aileron) - Keys
Gareth Piper - Rhythm Guitar

23/03/2006 - Quick update

Just a quick update to let people know things are moving;

Firstly, thanks once again to all the people signing up to the mailing list. The first letter will go out in about 2-3 weeks, and we might put a couple of samples online exclusively for those who've signed up already, as a thankyou (lucky, lucky you!).
Also, 5 songs have now been completed and we're just finalising a few things before we begin to record them.

We might put another sample of one of the demo recordings on the website soon, so check back to hear a snippet of either the instrumental or possibly a song with vocals!

For now, it's back to work...

25/02/2006 - Mailing List
Big thanks to everyone who already signed up to the mailing list (if you haven't done so, do it now!). Once the site is properly launched and all content added, we'll be mailing out a notice to all subscribers. Until then, things will be a little quiet as we work "behind the scenes".
We're currently auditioning vocalists for the band. If you're interested in the position, we're holding auditions on March 18th in Brighton, but we'll be doing another audition date shortly after. Send an email to webmaster@sonofscience.com or ivanstreaky@hotmail.co.uk if you're interested.
15/02/2006 - Song writing
Song writing is proceeding at a fantastic pace. 1 song is complete, 2 songs are very near completion, an instrumental is finished but just needs some patching, and there's the possibility of a 20 minute epic!
When this site goes live (when you get to read this) we'll have plenty of music available, and we're hoping to have some fairly amusing things on the site, too.
06/02/2006 - Line up confirmed!
With only the vocalist position unfilled, Son of Science are pleased to announce the following musicians are in the band:

Adrian Lambert (ex-DragonForce, ex-Intense) - Bass
Lee Cassidy (ex-The Clan Destined) - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Rob Hicks (FourWayKill) - Drums
Jasper Welzel (Aileron) - Keys
Johnny Sinister (ex-Butchers of Bakersfield) - Rhythm Guitar and samples
01/02/06 - Son of Science Seek Vocalist
Technical melodic metallers "Son of Science", the new band formed by former DragonForce bassist Adrian Lambert, are looking for a vocalist to complete their line-up.
The band are currently recording songs for internet release in early 2006, after which they will begin touring and seeking a record deal. If you would like to audition for "Son of Science" or want more info on the vocalist position email webmaster@sonofscience.com or ivanstreaky@hotmail.co.uk