Legend Warrior: *tumbleweed*
Massacre Records: Good progressive metal
Leah: So come on then lads, when's this EP gonna be done?? lol
Leon Muria: Im recording my vocals for the last song as i type this.
Val: so we'll hear the typing in the track?
Leon Muria: lol yup...its a typing solo, you will be impressed :P
Kara: lol@Val
Lee: preview online
Val: Absolutely fantastic! Thumbs up guys
Val: not sure what i'm talking about is what's been put online tho :\
leah: it's on the forum
Joe: Forever is fantastic! All gigs going well I hope =]
Gaz: A typing solo!? Now THATS progressive!
Leah: Cannot WAIT for next weekend guys, should be a blast!
Leah: Merry Christmas SOS fans! :P
Kara: Do I hear rumblings in the SOS camp??

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